Reven Capital sees opportunities when others don't. We think outside the box and innovate on structuring. We are relentless on execution and we always align our interest with our investors.


Reven Capital is an independent real estate investment management firm. Our allegiance to our investors is to preserve and grow their capital. We are disciplined in all our investments and we add value through active asset management. Reven Capital was founded in 2009 by Chad M. Carpenter our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Carpenter has been involved in over $2.5 billion in real estate transactions and has over 27 years of real estate experience. He also founded Reven Housing REIT, (NASDAQ:RVEN), a public company in 2012, has sponsored four private real estate equity funds and owned 90 office buildings comprising of approximately 11 million square feet throughout his career. Institutional, foreign and high net worth investors have and continue to invest with Mr. Carpenter and his sponsored investments. As vigilant stewards of our investor’s capital, we are committed to excellence. We strive to add value and adhere to our values of integrity, discipline and transparency.



We apply our extensive experience of investing in both public and private companies, and managing real estate assets. This experience enables us to make informed and prudent investment and operational decisions every day.


We have an uncompromising commitment to find solutions and add value to companies and the real estate we invest in. This commitment insures we will keep working and moving forward until all ideas and issues are vetted, implemented and completed.


Our resilient discipline insures we will stick to our strategies, manage risk, plan in advance and anticipate what can go wrong. This discipline is designed for conservative and long term success.


A key to our success and our continued success, is to always be willing to be open to new ideas and to innovate investment and operational strategies. Technology is also changing the way we do business at the asset and company level. We encourage team members to think outside the box and challenge the status quo to add value to our investments.


Reven Capital is in a unique position in private equity and real estate investing, based on the following differentiators:

  • Extensive Hands on Experience
  • Operational Expertise
  • Public Company Experience
  • Investment Innovation
  • Value Investing Since Day One
  • Long Term Track Record of Success
  • Commitment to Our Investors
  • Flexible & Nimble
  • Very Good Reputation in the Industry


Our values shape our culture and our company. Each team member also shares our values, which is critical to our working relationship.


Honest, ethical dealing, and communications. Always doing the "right thing."


Hardworking, thorough due diligence, audit process and review of operating results and business plans, "double checking." Investments must meet strict investment criteria prior to investing.


Accurate and timely reporting and open communication at all times.